Born and raised in South Florida health and fitness has always been Joseph’s passion. Growing up, Joseph and his two brothers were avidly involved in sports. His family proudly owned a chain of gyms in South Florida. After a tragic injury cut Joe’s football career short, he began training at the gym. This is where he met a Rejuvenation Clinic owner, instantly he noticed Joe’s passion, and started him on the journey of Health & Wellness At this point, Joseph did everything in his power to capitalize on health, nutrition and wellness. This is when his interest with hormone replacement therapy started.




Joseph has attended numerous A4M Conferences and obtained his board certification with The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and also received his Certification in Peptide Therapy. Through countless hours of research, blogging on forums, and personal interviews with doctors around the country who are on the cutting edge of the industry. Joe has tailored his therapies to each individual based on their unique genetic makeup, and always makes Health & Wellness a top priority. Throughout his career he has noticed this industry to be extremely sales driven, and has vowed that this practice will be different, putting the patient and their needs first.



Dr. Bill Marrocco is a Plastic Surgeon who retired after fourteen years of practice. Although considered an expert in liposuction, body sculpting and fat transfer, he began to realize the ephemerality and inadequacy these procedures provided. In an effort to offer longer lasting solutions, Dr. Marrocco discovered the world of Wellness Medicine, where the patient is regarded as a whole rather than a mere sum of his or her parts.




Dr. Marrocco completed his General Surgical training at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He then completed a fellowship in Reconstructive Microsurgery at the prestigious International Institute of Reconstructive Microsurgery in Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Marrocco went on to complete a fellowship in Hand Surgery through Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He solidified his training by completing his final fellowship in Plastic Surgery at Temple University in Philadelphia.


Following his discovery of Wellness Medicine later in his Plastic Surgery career, Dr. Marrocco obtained extensive training and experience at the renowned Cenegenics Institute. Additionally, he has attended as well as presented at a multitude of educational meetings, conferences and seminars in an effort to learn from and share with colleagues from around the globe.

Because results are of paramount importance and he is never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Marrocco is meticulous in his approach to patient care. Thus, very conscientious in addressing detail. However, Dr. Marrocco does realize that superior results begin at the consultation, and to that end, he is a focused and compassionate listener. His goal is to envision the patient’s desired result. Ultimately, Dr. Marrocco strives to provide a truly individualized experience based on his patient’s unique desires. To that end, he is dedicated to the care of patients who want to improve their physical condition and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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